Proverbs 31:30

That desire grew into the Godly woman she is today. Many young ladies are living right with God because of the testimony Katie lived in front of them. In 2005, at a tent revival Katie stood up from an altar stained with her tears and testified that God wanted her to be a preacher’s wife and she was dedicating her life to Him as a servant in ministry. She did not know at the time but sitting on the third row was her future husband whom she would marry two years later.

After preparing for her wedding set in July 2007, one week prior to the ceremony, Katie’s mother Carol, died of cancer. The darkest and deepest valley that Katie has ever walked through took place as she began that week with a funeral and tried to end the week with a wedding. This was the moment that Katie released control of her life and God took over. She spent a long time searching for the answer to “why” while trying to faithfully serve as Church and college secretary while striving to be a good wife at the same time. Katie will be first to say the “answer” never came. However it wasn’t long until others approached her having lost someone to cancer. In this Katie found a cause in her confusion.  Often she can be found sitting on a pew helping others walk through their confusion like two women exchanging home recipes.

Katie not only ministers to others one on one but she ministers to many through song as she stands on the platform. When she sings many have testified, “I could almost see Carol coming out in her.” A true testimony that Ms. Carol lives on through the music and service that she instilled in Katie for almost 20 years!

In 2010 Katie gave birth to sweet little Caroline who is also a good reflection of her mother and grandmother. And then, on August 19th 2013, Katie gave birth to another beautiful girl named Cambree! Katie has determined that she will raise Caroline & Cambree as she was raised. Under old fashioned, Holy Ghost anointed services with soul stirring singing and fire baptized preaching!

Katie Hurte Carr was born July 13, 1988 to Pastor/Songwriter Dr. Steve Hurte and the late Ms. Carol Hurte. Katie was raised on a church pew listening to her parents sing for the glory of God and witnessing them give their lives to the service of the Lord. At a youth activity in 1995 Katie fell under Holy Ghost conviction and on her bed at night being led by her mother gave her heart and life to Jesus Christ. Since that moment Katie desired to live right as a Godly example for other young girls like her.

What is Your Full Name?            
Katherine Lee Carr

When is Your Birthday?        
July 13, 1988

What is your Favorite Movie?  
You’ve Got Mail

If you could go anywhere on vacation it would be?

What is your Life Verse?             
Proverbs 31:30
Who is your favorite singer (other than Brent…LOL)?
Carol Hurte (Katie’s mom)    

What is a fun fact about you that no one usually knows?
She makes a mean Chicken Noodle Casserole (per Brent…lol)

Fun Q's & A's:

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

Katie Carr